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Opened in 2014 TRAX® PowerSports Rentals is Utah’s leader in power sports rental equipment! We pride ourselves on always having new equipment every year, giving you the opportunity to rent the latest and greatest from the world of power sports. We rent snowmobiles, jet-skis (PWC), boats, side-by-sides (RZRs), snowbikes, ATVs, and even the Polaris Slingshot! We currently have 4 locations: TRAX® PowerSports of Morgan, TRAX® PowerSports of Bountiful, TRAX® PowerSports of Provo, and TRAX® PowerSports at Bear River Lodge.

Because we purchase so much equipment, and only run new rentals, you have the opportunity to purchase current model year equipment at a steep discount when the end of the rental season rolls around. Typically you will save about 25% off retail price of a new vehicle, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of owning your machine for less than buying new.

People often worry that buying rental equipment is a serious gamble, and rightfully so. At TRAX® PowerSports Rentals though, because equipment is typically only run one season (4 Months), our rentals are in great condition. Manufacturer service guidelines are adhered to, and all major repairs are performed by dealers or authorized mechanics. That way, at the end of the season customers can feel at ease knowing they are purchasing a high-end, high-quality machine.

At TRAX® PowerSports Rentals, we are in the business of helping you make memories with the ones you love. Let us help you get started with equipment sales from TRAX® PowerSports Rentals!

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